Estoril Conferences Win Bronze at Eventex Awards
Awards | 29 May 2023 Estoril Conferences Win Bronze at Eventex Awards

The Estoril Conferences were distinguished with the Bronze Award in two categories of the prestigious Eventex Awards: Best Conference and Best Event Thought Leadership.  

This international recognition reinforces the relevance and visibility of a stage with global impact where exceptional speakers from around the world are invited to debate the main challenges of today. The continuous contribution of the Estoril Conferences in the search for solutions to the problems that affect people and the planet has now been awarded at the Eventex Awards 2023 for the initiatives that took place in 2022, the year in which the initiative registered the largest attendance of its 7 editions, with more than 2000 live participants, another 2000 online and more than 100 speakers with global influence. 

The Estoril Conferences have existed for over a decade as a platform for open, intergenerational, disruptive dialogue with a transformative impact. Edition after edition, world reference leaders and influential experts from all areas of knowledge take the stage to share science and experience, inspiring the "purpose generation".  

Until now, the Estoril Conferences were bi-annual, but as of the 8th edition, which will take place on September 1 and 2, 2023, they will be annual.

The 8th edition will be on “Re-Humanize Our World”: All balances seem precarious in times defined by wars, conflicts, pandemics, climate change, extreme poverty, inequality, and discrimination. Uncertainty is humanly challenging to integrate, and even the advances in artificial intelligence can seem threatening. For all these reasons, the focus of the next edition will be on finding new ways to re-humanize the world and making all decision-making processes more human. 

"Re-Humanize Our World" is an individual imperative, but it is also a collective demand. We need to look at the world around us with critically and constructively. We must rescue the most fragile people around us. Relationships matter, and the health of the planet also depends on them. We must reconnect with our human essence because we can only build a more balanced, peaceful, inclusive, and fair world from this deep, primordial connection. 

With the support of the Cascais Municipality and Tourism of Portugal as co-hosts, and NOVA Medical School as co-organizers, the Nova SBE Carcavelos Campus will once again be the stage for a landmark event where strategies for Re-Humanizing the world will be debated. 

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