The Third Edition of Gap Year Scholarship/Nova SBE Has a Winner
Promoted by Nova | 29 October 2018 The Third Edition of Gap Year Scholarship/Nova SBE Has a Winner

The winner of the third edition of Gap Year Scholarship/Nova SBE is Tiago Franco, a Nova School of Business & Economics Management student, with the project 1.7 Earths, which represents the number of Earths that Humanity will need in 2018 as far as resources go. Tiago will explore the Planet A because from August 1st 2018 we already need a Planet B.

The winner, who will departure on January 4th 2019 and arrive on August 1st  2019, has chosen to explore countries that are changing the world with communities and projects that are environmental-friendly like Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Russia.

“The world is aware of the next generation’s great challenge: how to become sustainable? However, the daily lives of people and the business models of most organizations are not yet structured to face that challenge. In the countries that I have chosen to visit, that have already on-going solutions that are being put into practice, I intend to gather as much as information as possible to build a think-tank focused on the future.”

Tiago’s strong social entrepreneurship inspires him to do more for society. Evidence of that is his non-academic experience: he is the founder and treasurer of the Floresta Rainha project, one that aims to improve environmental sustainability awareness. He volunteers for the social group GASNova, he is a member of the national boy scouts and assisted cultural exchange trips for a Chinese organization led by students. At Nova SBE, he was a member of the Nova Skills Association club, the Students’ Union (SU) and the Nova Community project where he was a vigilant at the kindergarten and a mathematics tutor. He was also a Spark Agency ambassador at Nova SBE, a PAIAS Mentor (during the integration week), a Nova SBE ambassador when visiting high schools and, finally, he participated on the sustainability focus group for Nova SBE’s new campus in Carcavelos, which concerned waste reduction.

It will be possible to accompany Tiago through his travels if you follow the website and Instagram account that he will create, and by reading the articles he will write for Nova SBE’s Medium.

Nova SBE and Gap Year Portugal are proud to award this scholarship, valued at five thousand euros, as a way to prize rising talents such as Tiago and promote their personal, academic and professional development.

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