26 Feb '19
Arts and Culture | Tuesday Humor, Technology and Sustainability

Next February 26th, two books from the Find Out collection, which were edited by Central Theme of Suport to Kelly Services, will be presented and will take place at Nova SBE's campus in Carcavelos. Ricardo Araújo Pereira will present the book Gargalhadorismo – Empreededorismo com Humor, by Abbadhia Vieira, and Alexandre Nilo Fonseca will talk about Binómio Tecnologia & Sustentabilidade - 7 Lições de Colaboração, Inovação e Liderança em Portugal e na Europa, by Diogo Alves e Pedro Matias. Besides Ricardo Araújo Pereira and Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, the authors will also be present. At the end of the event a Port of Honor will be served. Registration is required.

Humor, Technology and Sustainability
  • From 26 February 2019 5:30 PM
  • To 26 February 2019 7:00 PM