PHD in Management

Constança Roquette
Constança Roquette
PhD Student
Management and Organizations
Health Economics & Management Knowledge Center

Constança Roquette is a PhD Student in Management from Nova SBE where she is also a member of Nova SBE Health Economics & Management Knowledge Center. She is a Biomedical Engineer from Técnico Lisboa and currently works at the Champalimaud Foundation. Constança´s research interests are focused on patient involvement in biomedical research and innovative partnership models for successful research that better meets patients needs.

2017 - PostGraduation in Information Management and Healthcare Business Intelligence - NOVA IMS

2015 - Integrated Master in Biomedical Engineering - Técnico Lisboa

Patient involvement in research, Innovative partnerships in healthcare, Healthcare management, Participatory research, Patient Innovation

Pedro Pita Barros (Ph.D.)