Master's in Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation

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Careers @ Nova SBE

With the Nova SBE’s Master’s in Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation you will gain the needed skillset and develop your network to create real impact and tackle grand challenges.
And you can achieve this by:
  1. Developing your own social venture, whether it is still in the idea stage, or it’s already a startup that wants to take the next leap forward.
  2. Implementing social innovation solutions within existing organizations (public, for-profit, hybrid, not-for-profit, big, small, etc.).
Our career development program can promote your connection with Nova SBE community to add value outside the curriculum.
To help students, the Careers @ Nova SBE Team's offer includes the services and tools below.

Career Development Program

Career Development Program

The Career Development Program helps students acquire market knowledge and set their personal and professional goals aligned while attaining the fundamental skills that will empower them to become the most knowledgeable candidates and conscious professionals.

The program thus includes an induction week that includes workshops, corporate events, networking sessions, and individual career counseling.

Online Tools

Online Tools

The Careers @ Nova SBE by JobTeaser connects students to the marketplace, by providing access to Job Offers, Events, Counseling, and Career-related resources. 

Students have exclusive and free access to other platforms that will support career planning and market knowledge, such as GoinGlobal, Vault, PrepLounge, Graduate First, Fitch Learning, Big Interview, and VMock.

Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program

The program connects experienced Nova SBE Alumni to students with the goal of guiding students on the transition from academic life to the job market, in a way that inspires professional success, personal satisfaction, and responsibility to the community.

Are you ready to embrace the future?

Good choices can change the course of the future.

Deciding what you want for your future is never easy, but Nova SBE can help you. To offer students a chance to discover where they can excel and have a meaningful career, we also share OBIPNOVA.

This is a NOVA University Lisbon’s Rectory initiative that involves all NOVA schools. It aims to produce information about the career trajectory of all NOVA students regardless of their study cycle. Every year, it evaluates the professional activity of those who graduated to provide the NOVA community rigorous and reliable indicators about the career and placement of its graduates’ achievements.