Iter, by Nova SBE Executive Education

An experience to build your own learning journey

Iter is much more than a search platform with hundreds of learning and transformative solutions. It is a tool with which you can easily create a customizable portfolio designed according to your needs and challenges.

Learning is a continuous choice of transformation. Choose to learn and create your own learning portfolio. The choice is yours!


Why Iter?

In Latin, Iter means «journey», «way», or «travel».
In Nova SBE’s universe, Iter is an iterative and a continuous learning journey, constantly evolving to face numerous daily challenges and opportunities. Iter is also related to other ideas, such as interactivity and iter-ativity. This iteractive inter-activities allow everyone to look for – and find – a tailored solution.

Why choose Iter?

The Iter platform allows the creation of a continuous learning portfolio, custom-tailored to your needs. Your portfolio is now our portfolio. Each member of our community, each partner organization, and every future participant can create their own portfolio.

This tool simplifies the choice process for learning and transformative solutions, either if it is used for an individual or a team. It is in constant evolution regarding the needs and challenges of the market.

An initial Choice

By accessing Iter you can choose one of two journeys:

  • 1. A journey for your organization or team

In this journey, you can explore every Nova SBE Executive Education’s learning and transformative solution. You can compose a learning and/or transformative portfolio for your team or choose multiple modules, workshops, and lectures to start building a customized program for your organization.

  • 2. A journey for yourself

In this journey, you can explore every solution and program that allow a direct registration and on an individual basis. You can build your own portfolio with different methodologies and themes for different moments on your professional path.

Variety of solutions

It is possible to search for a wide range of learning and transformative solutions:

  • Short programs and Post-Graduations
  • Customized programs and corporate academies
  • Transformation and development projects for products
  • Diagnostics, assessments, and follow-up dynamics
  • Workshops and immersive experiences
  • Lectures and masterclasses

Dynamic filters

With this tool you can narrow your search through multiple filters:

  • Focus on transformation
  • Type of experience
  • Learning methodology
  • Learning format
  • Seniority
  • Idiom
  • Localization
  • Activity sector

Solutions for individuals

Solutions for organizations