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Nova SBE stands out in conducting research with impact among the main European institutions in economics, management, and finance. An interdisciplinary Research Unit (UI), under the leadership of Steffen Hoernig, Vice-President of the Faculty Council, and operational management of the Research Office, channels the activity of our researchers into knowledge centers, laboratories, hubs, and projects to generate research of quality, recognized by peers and world-renowned academic forums.

The objective is to produce a tangible impact on public policies, markets, business practices, and society in general, providing evidence-based solutions and policies to improve quality of life and promote social inclusion at a global level. The UI is aligned with the school's mission and faces the most pressing contemporary challenges, addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals, EU guidelines, and the needs of the scientific and innovation ecosystem in Portugal and the world.

 Nova SBE maintains its commitment to strengthening research capabilities through consolidated research groups, strategic collaborations with global institutions, and innovative initiatives that span the corporate, social, and public sectors. We want to explore new territories and to do so we want to attract, develop, and retain talent, build national and international research networks, generate research with academic and societal impact, and develop more doctoral programs.

We are at the forefront of innovation and knowledge, shaping the future of research and higher education. Join us on this journey of discovery and transformation.

major research areas: Economics, Finance, Management
major research areas: Economics, Finance, Management
nationalities represented
nationalities represented

Research Strategy

The strategic alignment and quality at Nova SBE are provided by the Faculty Council and the School’s Dean. Nova SBE aims to sustain and increase excellence, knowledge dissemination, and research with social impact and international recognition. This strategy is based on the following objectives:

  • Align the research with the school’s mission and the challenges of our global society
  • Enhance international research networks
  • Improve science communication and knowledge transfer
  • Consolidate the international status of the Ph.D. programs
  • Diversify research funding sources
  • Improve research productivity

The strategic alignment with the school's mission is achieved through the overall coordination of Nova SBE Knowledge Centers' research agendas and individual researchers (top-down approach to scientific development). However, the unit also supports researchers in their continuous effort to pursue the development of entrepreneurial activities and disrupt the status quo in established scientific fields (bottom-up approach to scientific development).

Our researchers

Nova SBE’s Research Unit is a dynamic learning ground for researchers or research associates, as well as Ph.D. candidates from our current Ph.D. programs. 


Nova SBE’s research work is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (UID/ECO/00124/2019, UIDB/00124/2020, UIDP/00124/2020  and Social Sciences DataLab, PINFRA/22209/2016), POR Lisboa and POR Norte (Social Sciences DataLab, PINFRA/22209/2016).

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