Nova SBE wins first ERC in Economics in Portugal
Research | 28 February 2022 Nova SBE wins first ERC in Economics in Portugal

The global impact of coastal water contamination on economic development is the project of Alex Armand that won, for the first in our country, a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) . This is 1.4 million euros of European funding for a period of 60 months. With this project it will be possible to evaluate the effect of the contamination of coastal waters on economic development, producing new knowledge that will allow the redesign of the environmental protection policies. For Alex Armand, “this ERC grant will allow a team to work on a global issue: the contamination of coastal waters. This project will not only respond to the need to produce scientific knowledge about the consequences of pollution for human development, but will also contribute to inform policy decisions, as international organizations recognize the need for urgent global action to prevent all types of pollution. The ERC grant will help to understand and quantify the local and global mechanisms associated with pollution, provide new tools for research in this field, and focus on predicting future impacts so that better environmental protection policies can be created.”

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