Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center study
Science Outreach | 21 February 2022 Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center study

The study “Identificação de Padrões Desviantes na Primeira Venda de Pescado” carried out by Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center, Docapesca and Associação Natureza Portugal|WWF identified that escaping from selling in the fish auction center can reach 5.75 million euros annually. Algarve and greater Lisbon are the most affected regions.  As a way of helping Docapesca, the Lisbon fish auction center, in the management of auctions, has developed a tool able to estimate the amount of fish caught and delivered to each fish center for sale by auction. The work sought to determine the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic control measures, such as the closing of restaurants, on the patterns of first sale of fish by auction in 22 Portuguese fish centers between September 2020 to May 2021. The project won the Data for Change 2020, a program that integrates the Initiative for Social Equity, a partnership between the “la Caixa” Foundation, BPI and Nova SBE.

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