New research series videos
Science Outreach | 18 October 2021 New research series videos

Two new research videos were released. Pedro Gardete presented his and Liang Guo´s paper "Prepurchase information acquisition and credible advertising", published in Management Science. He explained that consumer information acquisition can increase valuation heterogeneity and undermine a firm’s ability to extract consumer surplus. Miguel Pina e Cunha’s video described his paper, co-authored by Stewart Clegg’s and Nicolás Wiedemann´s, "Rethinking resistance as an act of improvisation: lessons from the 1914 Christmas truce", published in Organization Studies. He examined the historical phenomenon of truces during a period of intense warfare during World War I. He discussed the battlefield context of intense competition and mutual suffering as an organizational setting to provide a more precise explanation of how rules and structures can be temporarily suspended in the workplace.

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