Nova SBE organizes a summer school in Peru
Science Outreach | 20 January 2020 Nova SBE organizes a summer school in Peru

Some of the members of Nova SBE Environmental Economics Knowledge Center  attended this summer school to know more about state-of-the-art tools and models for spatial analysis in the fields of land-use and natural environment. Students had an introduction to spatial methods of analysis and how these methods can be used to improve economic policy advice and landscape management as well as be efficient tools for stakeholder involvement (e.g., landscape visualization). The summer school also provided methodologies for the application of spatial statistics for economic analysis of environmental problems, urban land management, and urban amenities/disamenities. Students learned ways to incorporate space in economic applications, model spatial autocorrelation and spatial heterogeneity along with examples of how these methods can be applied to evaluate environmental amenities and to help design policies. Topics addressed in the summer school include urbanization, ecosystem service mapping, conservation management, socio-economic development as well as conflict assessments between different land-use interests. 


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