António Rua
António Rua
Associate Professor (Adjunct)

António Rua is a Senior Economist of the Economics and ResearchDepartment of the Banco de Portugal where he has been working since 1999. He isalso Associate Professor (Visiting) at Nova School of Business and Economicswhere he has taught Econometrics and Statistics.

He has published a number of peer-reviewed articles in severalinternationally renowned scientific journals, including Journal of Business andEconomic Statistics, International Journal of Forecasting, Journal ofForecasting, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking and Oxford Bulletin ofEconomics and Statistics. He is also the author of various articles inseveral publications issued by Banco de Portugal.

Ph.D. in Economics,Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

M.Sc. in Economics,Universidade Nova de Lisboa

B.Sc. in Economics,Universidade Nova de Lisboa

His research interests include time-series econometrics, financial econometrics and empirical macroeconomics and finance.

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