Clara Costa Duarte (Retired)
Clara Costa Duarte (Retired)
Associate Professor

Maria Clara Costa Duartewas an Associate Professor of Economics at Nova School of Business andEconomics. Her research interests included natural resources modeling andmanagement and environmental policy analysis. Her research has been publishedin academic journals including Environmental and Resource Economics, Marine Resource Economics and Resourceand Energy Economics . She has participated in severalinternational research projects financed by EU and FCT.  She currently teaches Principles of Microeconomics at the undergraduate Program andEnvironmental Policy and Tools for Applied Policy Analysis in Masters Programs.She has also been a consultant to some institutions and government agencies.For some periods in her career she was President of the Pedagogical Council andDirector of Undergrad and Masters Programs at Nova School of Business andEconomics.

1991 - Ph.D in Economics, UniversidadeNova de Lisboa, Portugal.

1985 - Master in Economics, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

Economics. Microeconomics. Natural Resources Modeling and Management, Environmental Policy Analysis

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