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Nova SBE Sales Lab

Certified Training Programs

Sales leaders and their teams will have access to sales training programs that are recognized internationally by the Institute of Sales Management (a unique international certification in Portugal).

These programs are designed with different learning methodologies and have been tested and improved for sales teams.

We highlight the sales role-plays, which are performed in an immersive environment, video recorded and translated into individual reports that allow for a deeper learning experience.

The programs' modular system also concedes the program to be carried out progressively according to their availability.

In line with the current landscape we live in, we believe that it is vital to adapt our programs and calendar to the market's needs. We thus encourage a collaborative engagement between the Nova SBE Sales Lab team and our clients to co-create customized programs as closely as possible to their needs.

Post-COVID-19 Period (short-term)

These consist of synchronous and asynchronous training with online exercises focused on supporting salespeople to manage their customers and reinforcing the company’s positioning and relationship with their key clients.


1. COVID-19 Leadership

  • The online training (financial resilience and business development) of the sales team is also available for this audience (managers and executives). We emphasize the importance of working with the leadership paradoxes that the current context is causing.


2. Financial Resilience

  • One of the main challenges our customers face is the financial impact that the current context is causing. Helping customers to reflect on financial management solutions in the context of a crisis can help save their business and/or ensure greater sustainability.


3. Business Development in COVID-19 Times

The seller must know how to explore the current reality, developing skills linked to:

  • Customer retention and loyalty through remote contact
  • Know how to act as a brand builder, negotiate successfully while working remotely, and support their customers to sell more

Diagnosis of the company's reality

These diagnoses allow an understanding of the sales team's level and managers' sales maturity while helping them to adapt the suggested methodologies, exercises, and most relevant topics.

Program – Leaders Edition (conference format delivered in English)

This program is dedicated to sales leaders who are focused on aligning and implementing the sales strategy, structure, and culture with the management and results of the sales teams.

1. Set the Tone

  • Succeeding as a sales leader
  • Transition from nanager to coach

2. Align

  • Differentiating your offer
  • Defining your value to the client
  • Positioning in the market
  • The customer-centric organization

3. Optimize

  • Segmenting & Lifetime-Value
  • Managing your territory
  • The strategic sales process
  • Growing existing accounts
  • KAM & GAM
  • Aligning sales & marketing

4. Strengthen

  • Leading the sales team
  • Driving performance training, compensation measurement, and evaluation
  • Motivation

5. Harmonize

  • The influence of culture in sales
  • Mindset and the status-quo

Programs - Reps Edition

These programs focus on innovating and improving the performance and productivity of both sales teams and individuals. It offers a complete view from client management to prospecting and winning new business.

1. Powerful Prospecting

  • The value-based mindset
  • Efficient, balanced, and interconnected prospecting
  • Your value propositions
  • Qualifying opportunities
  • Booking more meetings, what to say and how: phone, email, social media, in person, etc.
  • Overcoming objections
  • Dealing with gatekeepers

2. Manage Efficiently

  • Mapping accounts
  • Identifying and qualifying opportunities
  • Cross-Selling and upselling
  • Client retention
  • Generating references
  • Time management and productivity
  • Positioning and optimizing through value not price
  • Improving Margins and ROI


3. Stand Out & Shine

  • Components and meetings & presentations preparations
  • Effective communication and rapport building
  • Identifying needs
  • Understanding the buyer
  • Dealing with requests for more information and objections
  • Ending the meeting professionally
  • Following-up efficiently


4. Close Competently

  • Different commitments in the sales process
  • What to say and how to gain each commitment
  • Creating and presenting suggestions and alternatives
  • Dealing with objections
  • Gaining consensus


Program – Reps Edition – Role-Plays

This program focuses on training and reinforcing the pedagogical learning developed in the previous stage, emphasizing experimentation and simulation to achieve behavioral change.


Step 1

Each participant role-plays a sales scenario (that is confirmed beforehand and agreed upon with the sales leader). They face a "buyer" who is played by another participant (or observer). The facilitator supports each simulation by offering and sharing constructive comments. Observers can take the opportunity to learn from each other's experiences, consider scenarios they may not have yet anticipated, and share positive feedback.


Step 2

Each simulation will be video-recorded and shared with the participant in question so that he/she can review their performance.