Labs & Hubs

Nova SBE Sales Lab

Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board will bring together a select group of individuals and industry representatives that will help define and develop the focus and direction of Nova Sales Lab Programs and initiatives as well as actively influence the creation and implementation of promotional activities.

Our aim is to represent excellence in sales and raise the value, reputation and credibility of Sales Professionals and the area of business development in Portugal.

The Advisory Board will consist of the Founding Partners and members critical to the success of the Sales Lab. The statutes will be proposed by Nova SBE but validated and adjusted together with the Founding Partners.

Business Safaris

A business safari is a unique "expedition" that allows participants to broaden their horizons, explore new perspectives, and acquire knowledge. Each member's journey will be customized alongside the Nova SBE Sales Lab.

The company's participants will be able to visit different organizations and learn about their best sales practices, business models, tools to support business development, and more.

It is a unique opportunity to share, grow, connect, and create new approaches and networking.

Each visit will require previous preparation to guarantee maximum enjoyment.

After the visit, each group (created according to criteria that each company will define) must summarize the main ideas and lessons learned and make practical suggestions to apply in their own company. Each group can then present their opinion and feedback in specially designed sessions and share knowledge with the entire team.