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Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab

Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab


As a lab, we support and design the Nova SBE Executive Education & Business Transformation programs in the digital and cyber areas. 

Our programs can be customized to the specific needs of your organization.

Partnership INCM | Cybergym @ Nova SBE


Nova SBE, INCM, and CyberGymIEC signed a partnership to operate a Cyber Training Center and provide cyber defense training and education.

CyberPod will employ advanced technologies for skills and knowledge training, with a comprehensive range of courses that cater to their existing cyber readiness and skill level. 

The unique live-training programs involve hackers running complex cyberattacks on infrastructure systems designed to emulate those used in the organization. The CyberGymIEC methodology has been proven to be the most effective way to instill long-term cyber skills and awareness in employees working in organizations of high-risk industries. 

The CyberPod will make use of CyberGymIEC’s existing global spread of ten Cyberwarfare Arenas in cities including New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, and Amsterdam and supports CyberGymIEC’s strategy to set up arenas in a network that is to cover the financial capitals of the world. 

Digital Academy

The Digital Academy consists of a long-term training journey in digital transformation aimed at teaching participants to know about how new technological trends are changing the most diverse sectors and functions.This digital academy provides theoretical knowledge as well as inspirational sessions, practical workshops, and co-innovation exercises. The suggested topics include Agile, Data, Logistics, new business models, among others, which can be customized to the client’s specific needs.

Tech Workshops

Tech Workshops are technology experimentation sessions aimed at providing participants with a hands-on experience in a given technology. This experience’s goal is to go from the “sound bite to the action point,” transforming theoretical and abstract concepts into practical conceptions of what is – and what can be done – with technology.Tech Workshops can be integrated into digital transformation and technology programs or executive programs of another nature and combined with ideation and strategy workshops.

Tech Workshops use Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab partners.