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Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab

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CyberPod INCM Training

INCM CyberPod is a cyber training arena especially prepared for cybersecurity training that allows creating an immersive training experience, strengthening the participants’ cyber learning process.

Each person can be the weakest link or the greatest asset for an organization’s cyber defense. Cyber threats account for one of the main reasons for business disruption nowadays. Doing cyber security is no longer an exclusive responsibility for IT and cyber security teams. Today’s business leaders need to be familiar with cyber security and how to prevent and counteract cyber-attacks.

Training employees is key to preventing an organization’s cybersecurity, meaning it starts with self-knowledge.

With Cybergym’s expertise and Nova SBE’s deep knowledge of the Portuguese business landscape, we selected the most relevant training courses for Portuguese organizations, while providing an immersive cyber security training from general awareness to specific technical training.