Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality

Master's Programs

Hospitality & Customer Experience in partnership with the Westmont Hospitality Group

Within this area of expertise, students can develop and manage customer-focused organizations and develop new customer experience solutions and innovative new businesses based on the principles of hospitality.

Hospitality & Customer Experience students will have the opportunity to attend classes, talks, and seminars. These will be led by international faculty and consultants in hospitality and customer experience, national and international leaders of the tourism and hospitality industry, and knowledgeable executives with professional customer experience in banking, healthcare, entertainment, technology, sports, and retail.

This integrated and innovative approach, combining academic knowledge with a strong connection to the industry and practical experience, will give students a set of skills and the necessary tools to pursue a career related to innovation and customer experience in different sectors.

Do you want to know how to incorporate the hospitality and customer experience principles into business operations and create and develop new ideas and services to optimize the customer experience through an innovative program?

Then, check the mandatory courses you will need:

Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Digital Transformation in Hospitality

Hospitality Operations Management

Hospitality & CX Innovation Fundamentals

Service Excellence

Revenue Management

Recommended Elective for Tourism & Hospitality students:

Hospitality Expansion & Internationalization

Innovation Projects

The area of expertise in Hospitality & Customer Experience also includes a complementary innovation program that will guide students on an entrepreneurial journey where they can develop their creativity and entrepreneurial skills, their projects, and even potentially start their businesses.

The Nova SBE Westmont Institute of Tourism & Hospitality team will support students in developing their innovation projects through regular contact with relevant corporate partners. 

This area is only available for students who applied to the Fall intake and got accepted. It cannot be coupled with a Double Degree, the CEMS MIM program, exchange and/or other areas of expertise.

If you wish to learn more, don't hesitate to contact the Nova SBE Admissions Office, and when applying, don't forget to tick your interest in this area of expertise.