Why choose Nova SBE Ph.D. Program in Management?


Distinctively International

Conducted entirely in English, the Ph.D. in Management at Nova SBE follows the best international practices and emphasizes publishing in international outlets. The Nova faculty is well connected with leading research institutions and programs throughout the world, and will help you place your work into an international context. You will also come into contact with well-known visiting scholars through the school’s various seminar meetings and through your visits to other institutions.

Intensive course training at the frontiers of the field during the first year

Our program is strongly oriented toward preparing you as an independent researcher. With this in mind the first year of the program includes core courses that include… and prepare you to… and elective courses that include the specializations where you can choose your particular field of interest.

Research Excellence

Nova SBE's research seeks to produce knowledge in economics, finance, and management that can foster positive change. We focus on developing research in some of the most challenging economic and social issues, informing on public policies and management practices.

Research is in line with the school's mission which aims at being the international school for the Portuguese-speaking world and one of the top business schools in Europe. This positioning benefits from the unique cultural ties with Portuguese-speaking countries and communities across the world.

"I take pride in saying that I am finishing my PhD in Management at Nova SBE. The doctoral program offers the unique opportunity to be immersed in a distinctive research culture, where we find a close collaboration with faculty members and encouragement to pursue our own research agenda. Notwithstanding, being a PhD student at Nova SBE is demanding; however, we realize that we are acquiring the skills to conduct high-quality research when our academic papers are accepted for publication in top journals. Then, we feel that all the hard work paid off and that we are well prepared for starting an academic career!"
Maria João Velez, PhD in Management

High-quality Exchange Terms

The Exchange Term is one of the most valuable requirements in our program. We expect our students to spend the equivalent of a semester abroad in a prestigious international institution. This period is very important since it allows the students to contact with other Ph.D.. candidates and academics in their specific field but also in other areas of specialization so that they can improve not only their research but also their network.

Close Supervision

From the very first day, you will have a supervisor to guide you through the program. Our faculty is genuinely interested in your progress throughout the program and will demand your best efforts to make sure that you will achieve excellence in research and work towards influencing the future of management (and business?) research.

"Study at NOVA SBE has been a unique opportunity to cultivate a comprehensive and contemporaneous vision on management. Through close mentoring we are guided to be original and to use innovative scientific tools. Besides, we have the possibility to share and discuss our scientific work within our research center improving our overall results."
Alexandre Lourenço, Hospital Administrator and PhD in Management Candidate

Effective Placement

Our courses and supervision aim to guide and develop your writing, publication and teaching skills in order to prepare you for an academic career at the top of your field. Our faculty commits actively to ensure you have the skills and mindset to compete in the international job market. Our recent graduates have secured positions not only in national institutions but also in international companies.