Student Life

Studying at Nova SBE is an enriching experience that goes far beyond the classroom.

Throughout your studies you'll be able to participate in various student groups and initiatives that will contribute to your education and development as a student and also as a person and citizen of a globalized world.

Despite the hard work you will also find time for some recreation and having fun.

At NOVA you will make friends for life!


    The AIESEC defines itself as an international platform of opportunities through which it intends to transform its members in agents of change, capable of causing a positive impact on society with:

    . Leadership Opportunities;

    . International Experiences;

    . Personal and Professional Development.

    The AIESEC is an international organization of students with more than 60 years of remarkable experiences. At the moment:

    . It is present in about 107 countries in 1.700 universities;

    . It has more than 38,000 members all over the world;

    . It has approximately 4,000 partner organizations;

    . It offers annually 8,300 leadership experiences;

    . It completes every year 7,500 international internships all over the world;

    . It organizes about 470 conferences every year;

    . It has more than 800,000 Alumni scattered around the world. 

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  • Nova SBE ForTuna


    The ForTuna of Nova School of Business and Economics was founded in 1993 by two students, with the goal of fostering the academic spirit, contributing to the musical training and personal development of its elements  and honoring the name of the School.
    These musical groups are part of the Portuguese universities' tradition.
    ForTuna has about 40 elements, bringing together a wide range of musical instruments: guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, bass, tambourines, among others. It has a wide repertoire consisting mostly of originals but also including adapted songs. Representing our school in both events in Lisbon and in other localities, we favor conviviality and music.

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  • The Nova Case Team (NCT) wants to encourage the already existing Nova SBE work ethic among its members. Considering this, NCT aims to effectively qualify top students, training them to face the current market challenges. Furthermore, the NCT has a strong international focus, having as a goal for each semester/academic year to enroll students in an international Case Solving Competition, strengthening relationships between Nova SBE and other institutions. Alongside Nova SBE, the NCT aims to provide students, and Portugal, with international recognition. Additionally, the NCT intends to promote an inclusive and dynamic environment where its members feel valuable and motivated.

    All in all, the NCT believes that there is an emerging need to develop problem-solving skills, which are undoubtedly sought in the job market. Thus, considering not only soft but also hard skills directly related to this area, the NCT looks forward to promoting new areas of interest in the university so that students can be capable of accepting higher challenges, while carrying Nova SBE both national and internationally. Overall, the NCT looks forward to creating even stronger powerful minds.




  • novaskills

    Nova Skills

    NOVA Skills Association consists of a group of students who believe that Soft Skills are main talent drivers and pursue the goal of bringing awareness upon students of their importance.
    The mission of NOVA Skills Association is to be a model of excellence in Soft Skills training, based on the creation of a space where students can find counseling as to the best practices of personal development, test their abilities and receive feedback.
    NOVA Skills Association’s Soft Skills Training Program was conceived as a complementary tool to the academic experience of all students, and is designed to accompany them through their different stages of development. This Program offers a set of training sessions, each focusing on a particular skill, and is divided into three segments, each associated with a specific year of the bachelor’s.

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  • Nova SBE Nova SU

    Students' Union

    The Students' Union (SU) is a service to the students of Nova SBE. Its objective is to provide a better academic life during the time at the university, defending the interests of the students and promoting activities and events that can meet their ambitions.


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