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by Pedro Miguel Martins.

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Living in Lisbon


Lisbon lies on the north bank of the Tagus Estuary and is the westernmost city in continental Europe. With two million people, Lisbon retains its personal touch while showing all the signs of openness to the world. Its mild winters and long summers cooled by the Atlantic breeze provide the perfect conditions to enjoy all that’s on offer.

In Lisbon, you will find true diversity and seamless integration in all the monuments, beaches, countryside, mountains and areas of historical interest, all within a few kilometers from the city centre. The beauty of Lisbon can be felt rather than just observed, through the kindness of its people, the luminosity of its colors and the warmth of its welcome.

We truly believe that this is the ideal setting in which to engage all your senses through a complete learning experience at NOVA.

  • Lisbon was named “Europe’s Leading Destination” in 2009 by the World Travel Awards
  • Lisbon was voted, in 2010, the “Best European Destination” by the European Consumer Association

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