90 seconds of Science with Miguel Pina e Cunha
Investigação | 22 fevereiro 2017 90 seconds of Science with Miguel Pina e Cunha

“There’s nothing more terrifying that to find people in other normal environments participating in genocides. We use to look at this type of processes as the result of a crazy person. This explanation is comforting because we have the idea that the fault is only from one crazy person, but the truth is that no any crazy person does the process by itself, they are followed by ordinary people, some of them with good intentions”, states Miguel Pina e Cunha, Professor at Nova SBE, that has participated in the radio program 90 seconds of Science from the last 17th of February, in Antena 1.

Miguel Pina e Cunha studies the processes that lead the previous democratic and liberal organizations to transform in oppression regimes capable of practicing genocides, he analyses the different types of organizations and how the way they are conducted leads to the understanding of the processes that make a liberal society like cosmopolitan Vienna on the beginning of the XX century, to produce autocratic leaders like Hitler.

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