Nova SBE Launches the Third Edition of the Nova SBE Road to Impact Report
Promoted by Nova | 12 July 2022 Nova SBE Launches the Third Edition of the Nova SBE Road to Impact Report

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) has just launched the third edition of the Nova SBE Road to Impact Report, which showcases all the projects, studies, and initiatives the school carries out to contribute to the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the academic year of 2020/21.

Nova SBE has now launched the third edition of the Nova SBE Road to Impact Report, which displays the school’s activities towards sustainability. For the first time, the report also incorporates Nova SBE’s Research Report, which lists all the significant research projects and studies developed by the school’s research unit.

Of the over 350 projects, studies, and initiatives developed by Nova SBE that are listed, the ERA Chair, which allowed the school to position itself as a European reference in Social Innovation, is one of the highlights. The Haddad Chair in Entrepreneurship is also one of the focal points, as it is aimed at developing research, education, and sharing knowledge with civil society.

The research grant of the “la Caixa” Foundation, awarded to Nova SBE with the research project “Empreendedorismo como Estratégia de Mobilidade Social e Inclusão” [Entrepreneurship as a Social Mobility and Inclusion Strategy], from Professors Miguel Ferreira, Cátia Batista, and Francisco Queiró, and the Horizonte Europeu 2020 attribution to the VCW Lab, led by Professor Luís Filipe Lages, are also highpoints.

Aside from the research projects, the Nova SBE Road to Impact Report also launched its Impact Model and used it throughout the entire document as a structure to regulate Nova SBE’s performance in all its structures. The report also presents the diverse programs, projects, and initiatives that allowed Nova SBE and its community in the 2020/21 academic year to answer some of the biggest challenges humanity faces nowadays and consolidate its journey to co-create a more collaborative, inclusive, and sustainable social and economic reality under the SDGs Agenda contribution and goals.

This report is becoming a beacon of the school’s academic and non-academic quality, given that it presents the impact that it has, and also its community, on society’s sustainable development by mapping and identifying the contribution of the different projects and initiatives to the SDGs.

Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE, considers that “the sustainable transition is demanding a comprehensive transformation of the organizations in general, and higher education institutions have the responsibilities of promoting that change. (…) Instead of considering the impact and the business strategy as two different paradigms, Nova SBE suggests a model in which the symbiosis between impact and business works, ultimately, in a shared value base.”

If you want to read or download the Nova SBE Road to Impact Report, visit this page.

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