Nova SBE Promotes Nova SBE Sustainability Journey – A Journey for a More Sustainable Future
Promoted by Nova | 30 May 2022 Nova SBE Promotes Nova SBE Sustainability Journey – A Journey for a More Sustainable Future

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) is preparing an unprecedented sustainability event and, from June 20 to July 1, will welcome several national and internationally renowned speakers for the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey – a unique collection of conferences, masterclasses, debates, and networking moments.

As a school for a better and sustainable future, Nova SBE believes it should have a positive impact on people, societies, and the planet and that’s why it is organizing the Nova SBE Sustainability Journey – a collection of sessions, conferences, debates, and cultural activities dedicated to sustainability hoping to contribute to a more open, sustainable, and inclusive world.

From June 20 to July 1, the Nova SBE campus will be ready to welcome experts, leaders, researchers, organizations, faculty, students, and civil society so that they can participate in a journey with 50 unique moments. These intend to promote reflection, inspiration, and learning among participants from different organizations and locations about how to deal with more sustainable organizational transformation processes.

Each participant will be able to explore Nova SBE’s four sustainable dimensions – Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Finance, Sustainable Economics, and Sustainable Leadership – through three journeys: lifelong learning, research & innovation, and people & community. These journeys have more than 15 initiatives, ranging from masterclasses, debates, and talks to cultural and networking moments.

This is the event’s first edition, which will also announce the Nova SBE Role to Play Awards that will distinguish the exceptional individual and collective contributions of the Nova SBE community toward the Sustainable Development Goals Agenda.

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