Nova SBE Gathers Students, Companies, and Experts to Create Innovative Solutions
Promoted by Nova | 14 May 2021 Nova SBE Gathers Students, Companies, and Experts to Create Innovative Solutions

Knowing how creating knowledge can be an important lever for change and knowing of the talent and will of its community in creating synergies, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) recently launched the Nova SBE BOX – an open business experience in which companies and students can develop solutions to rethink business models beyond the COVID-19 world.

Before the current pandemic and subsequent need to create solutions for new challenges, Nova SBE gathered organizations, students, and experts in innovation and entrepreneurship for Nova SBE BOX Business Open Experience. This is an innovative event, which will take place in June and consist of finding "out of the box" solutions to answer some of the problems of this ever-changing world.

There are three types of BOX challenges, and these vary according to the project's duration (one, two, or three weeks), the number of students involved, the type of guidance from Nova SBE teams, invited external partners and mentors, or the intention of including internal teams in the program. This initiative has a limited number of challenges, selected by order of conclusion of application, and awards for each BOX's winning team valued at 1000€, 2000€, and 3000€.

BOX's first edition – with a duration of a week – will take place from June 14 to June 18 and will gather students from different nationalities and backgrounds to experts in entrepreneurship so that together they can answer the questions posed by the participant companies. The initiative will involve a few Nova SBE Labs and Hubs, namely the Nova SBE Co.Innovation Lab, the Nova SBE Digital Experience Lab, and the Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub, as well as SingularityU Portugal and respective multidisciplinary teams.

The open call for companies was launched in early May in an online session that gathered renowned guests from companies such as Galp and NOS and is still available for all companies wishing to join and remaining stakeholders – students (from and outside Nova SBE) and entrepreneurship specialists.

If you're a student, there are even ECTS you can acquire, so select a team and apply now. If you think that this is a unique opportunity for your company or your journey as an entrepreneur, then submit your application through Box | Business Open Experience's website

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