Nova SBE and AMBA Launch the AMBA Leadership Award for Bachelor’s Students
Promoted by Nova | 04 May 2021 Nova SBE and AMBA Launch the AMBA Leadership Award for Bachelor’s Students

Believing that the leaders of tomorrow are fundamental in building a more open and sustainable world, the Associação dos Antigos Alunos do MBA (AMBA) [MBA’s Alumni Association] and Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) collaborated to annually grant the AMBA Award to Bachelor’s students who show the skills and the commitment to make a difference as professionals and citizens of a global community.

In cooperation with the school, AMBA decided to acknowledge the merit and skills of the Bachelor’s in Economics and Management students who are determined to take a chance on their future by establishing an award, entitled AMBA Award, valued at 1500€.

The first edition’s theme is “Leadership” and are considered eligible for applications Nova SBE students who have graduated in Economics or Management with a GPA of, or higher than, 16 out of 20 and are admitted in a Nova SBE Master’s in the same year.

Aside from the award’s value prize, the winner will also have the opportunity to go on three development experiences in three companies of his/her choosing and three breakfasts/lunches with three AMBA Alumni from companies in which AMBA Alumni work and who have volunteered. The winner will also be entitled to a year of mentorship with an MBA alumnus/alumna and a 10 % discount on the fees in force for one of the Nova SBE Master’s, in the year he/she receives the award and for his/her first application after graduating.

The AMBA Award also has prizes for the second and third places, some of which contemplate some of the same rewards/components the award winner is entitled to. By establishing this award, AMBA and Nova SBE cement their commitment to improving the means through which students can have a positive impact and acknowledge their potential by supporting the development of their talent.

Learn more about the AMBA Leadership Award (regulation in Portuguese and applicable only for 2021), and if you consider yourself to be a leader of tomorrow, apply here. If you have any further doubts, please

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