Nova SBE joins the PIM Network
Happened at Nova | 31 October 2017 Nova SBE joins the PIM Network

On October 18th, Nova School of Business and Economics officially became a full partner of the PIM network during its annual meeting in Tel Aviv.

PIM (Partnership in International Management) is a consortium of leading international business schools, which was founded 44 years ago, in 1973, and includes 64 prestigious business schools from all over the world. Its primary goal is to facilitate the development of international cooperation among its members by fostering the development of joint programs, students and faculty exchange, joint research, and collaboration among faculty members and researchers.

By joining this network, Nova SBE has now privileged exchange and international learning opportunities in store for its students, further enlarging its global reach. As of now, Nova SBE is the only Portuguese business school in this network, a sign of its high standards and international reputation. To learn more about the PIM network all you need to do is visit this page.

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