Nova School of Business & Economics and Amélia de Mello Foundation strengthen historic partnership
Happened at Nova | 15 December 2017 Nova School of Business & Economics and Amélia de Mello Foundation strengthen historic partnership

The Amélia de Mello Foundation (Fundação Amélia de Mello – FAM) has been, since 1982, one of the most important Maecenas of Nova School of Business & Economics, actively contributing for the school’s research and education. The FAM and the Mello family were always, from the very beginning, the school’s partners and were present in the most critical moments such as the creation of the executive education department and the recruitment of international professors.

Over the last 35 years, more than 100 students were graced with academic scholarships. There are currently Nova SBE Professors who, as students themselves, were also awarded these FAM scholarships. Economists such as Vítor Gaspar, António Nogueira Leite, or Ana Balcão Reis are some of the scholarship holders.

In the words of Nova SBE’s Dean, Daniel Traça: “This is a 35-year-old partnership, in which the Amélia de Mello Foundation has been actively contributing to Nova SBE’s education and research, and I’m sure that together, with these new initiatives, we can contribute to positively impact the Portuguese society.”

This four-year agreement thus reinforces the connection between these two institutions. Aside from the historically awarded scholarships to all Masters students and apart from helping all Economics and Management researchers, FAM will also contribute to the creation of a professorship in the Leadership area. FAM’s professorship to Professor Miguel Pina e Cunha includes several initiatives, among which we can find:

  • A historical, economic, and social research program about the Portuguese society consisting of gathering the memories and opinions of remarkable figures under a collection entitled “Histories of Leadership from the 20th Century”.
  • An annual conference about the dilemmas and paradoxes entrepreneurial leaders go through when making daily decisions: in a world of limited resources, how should subjects that affect sustainability, the management of healthcare systems, or the creation of jobs be led? This will be the first of many annual conferences organized under this partnership’s framework.

The Foundation will also annually award the best Nova SBE Management Bachelor student. Dr. Vasco de Mello, President of José de Mello Group, will from now on be a part of the Board of Trustees of the Alfredo de Sousa Foundation – a non-profit private foundation that has as its main goal to support Nova SBE and that is currently developing the school’s new campus in Carcavelos.

When accepting to be a part of the Board of Trustees of the Alfredo de Sousa Foundation, Vasco de Mello considered this to be “an honor from a personal point of view, one that extends to the family I’m proud of belonging to. I’m also extremely proud of the role that the Amélia de Mello Foundation has had over the last 35 years by tightly connecting to the school and supporting the students and researchers’ training.”

Nova SBE appreciates and recognizes this support that largely contributes to reaching the goal of becoming a global research school and a talent hub for university students and corporate programs in areas such as Economics, Management, and Finance.

The new agreement was signed in a solemn ceremony with Universidade Nova de Lisboa, which took place December 12th, at 05:30 p.m., in the UNL Rectory.

About the Amélia Mello Foundation

The Amélia de Mello Foundation was founded in 1964 to reinforce and continue CUF Group’s social work. Ever since, it has dedicated itself to numerous social projects, aiding the civil society in areas such as research, science, and education. Its contribution consists of attributing funds to scientific research institutions under the industries scope and to the progress of medical sciences, as well as awarding scholarships to students.

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