We All Have a Role to Play Is Nova School of Business & Economics’ Newest Initiative, Created To Help Address the Consequences of Coronavirus
Promoted by Nova | 02 April 2020 We All Have a Role to Play Is Nova School of Business & Economics’ Newest Initiative, Created To Help Address the Consequences of Coronavirus

In the face of the new global reality, Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) has launched the "We all have a role to play" platform. This platform assembles experts from different areas to promote good practice and promote long-lasting, sustainable change for companies and communities to minimize the negative impact of the coronavirus.

Nova SBE presents itself not only as a scientific-based educational institution but also as a hub. Nova SBE unites a community, capable of mobilizing resources to deliver impactful acts. The School sees its contribution as fundamental, even more so in times of considerable uncertainty.

With the School currently closed, faculty, students, staff, and partners are gathering to not only adapt to online teaching and remote work but also to help the community deal with the challenges that arise from the current scenario. Starting today, and every day, at 6.00 pm, Nova SBE faculty and other experts from Singularity University Portugal (SU) and other European business schools with be offering free webinars. The webinars are designed to promote ways to overcome the current challenges.

From managing individual stress or remotely managing teams and organizations to neuroscience and performance, the webinars' include among other specialists, the following Nova SBE faculty:

  • Exponential Paradigm Shift, with Miguel Pina e Cunha
  • Adapting Health systems after controlling the pandemic, with Pedro Pita Barros
  • Economic impact and policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic, with Pedro Brinca
  • Refocus teams and organizations while adapting to remote work, with Nadim Habib
  • Scenarios and exploring the future during the decision-making process and strategy redefinition, with António Alvarenga
  • Neuroscience and performance, with Misha Byrne (SU Portugal)
  • Innovation and digital technologies, with Greg Sherwin (SU Portugal)
  • Disruption, innovation, and entrepreneurship, with Manuel Tânger (SU Portugal)

This movement lives on social media with the hashtag #roletoplay, bringing people together. We are challenging anyone to share ideas, solutions, or initiatives that can be supported by this community.

Starting today, CEOs, co-workers, students, and civil society join the #roletoplay movement to take on the role they will play in this context, whether individually or collectively, creating or delivering.

To join this movement, all you need to do is take a picture of yourself holding a sign where you can read #roletoplay, and the role you intend to play to inspire and impact our community. Then post to social media with the hashtag #roletoplay. We'll see you there!

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