Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub Starts the Second Semester with Unique Projects and Initiatives for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
Promoted by Nova | 24 March 2020 Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub Starts the Second Semester with Unique Projects and Initiatives for the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub is the place that serves to embed entrepreneurship in the DNA of the next generations at Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE). The Hub is starting the second semester of the academic year with unique entrepreneurial activities and initiatives.

One of the available initiatives is JUMP, a pre-acceleration program that kicked off this month with four sessions. By covering topics such as Go-to-Market Strategy and Problem-Solution Fit, Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub welcomed guest speakers such as Manuel Melo (Nova SBE Co.Innovation Lab), Lara Ligeiro (Madan Parque) and Martim Caldeira (Omny).

Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub was also at the Nova SBE Career Fair, bringing more than ten startups to the Carcavelos Campus. The Hub is helping to bridge the gap between Nova SBE's students and professional opportunities at startups. The startups at this year's edition of the Nova SBE Career Fair were Casafari, Unbabel, Ungap Year, Lovys, Ignition Program, Sailside, Enging, Indie Campers, Choco, Amplemarket, and Landing Jobs.

The third edition of the Madeira Startup Retreat took place in February. This is an initiative from Nova SBE, Startup Madeira, and Turismo de Portugal. Madeira Startup Retreat is not only an acceleration program for Tourism & Travel startups but also a retreat. For six weeks, the selected startups participated in workshops and conferences to develop their businesses while enjoying Madeira.

Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub has more unique projects in store. The Nova Startup Club, one of Nova SBE's student clubs, promotes "Meet the Founder" meetings with the Hub's assistance. These sessions let students know what it's like to build their own business: real stories. Examples include Pedro Hipólito (Five Thousand Miles) and João Janes's (Lovys).

Finally, February was also the month that the Virtual Incubation Program took off. This program aims to establish foundations so startups know which direction to take and benefit from a strong network of Nova SBE students, faculty, researchers, companies, specialists, and mentors.

Nova SBE Entrepreneurship Hub's goal is to empower everyone at Nova SBE with an entrepreneurial mindset and allow them to navigate different programs and resources. If you would like to learn what part you can play or in which activities you can participate, please check the hub’s official page.

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