Well-Being Week 2024: Week Dedicated to well-being at Nova SBE
Promoted by Nova | 05 February 2024 Well-Being Week 2024: Week Dedicated to well-being at Nova SBE

The Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) Carcavelos Campus will be the venue for an entire week dedicated to the four dimensions that make up the concept of well-being: personal, professional, mental, and physical well-being, starting on February 6.  

The initiative started in 2019, and it's part of a program of activities dedicated to the students' journey, made available by the school in various dimensions (academic, social integration, health, career, and preparation for the job market) and which is extended to the general public, allowing everyone to participate in the various activities that promote a healthy lifestyle.   

Starting on February 6, Nova SBE Well-being Week proposes a program that includes numerous leisure activities (musical moments, dancing, and/or meditation), workshops, and lectures. "How to prevent and survive burnout" is the theme of the panel that opens this week dedicated to well-being and which, moderated by Professor Filipa Castanheira, will include the participation of Marta Rebelo (Mental Health Consultant and Activist) and John Niland (Self-worth Activist).    

On February 8, the panel "How to thrive in times of crisis" will be moderated by Radek Oros (Ph.D. student at Nova SBE and teaching assistant at the same institution) and will feature Gustavo Jesus (Psychiatrist) and Ana Moniz (Psychotherapist). The last day (Friday the 9th) is reserved for a group discussion on the topic of "Sleep and digital well-being" with the participation of psychologists Teresa Rebelo Pinto and João Faria. Nova SBE Well-being Week ends with a session dedicated to food with nutritionist Tânia Miguel Soeiro, a workshop on "I eat differently. From theory to practice".   

"At Nova SBE, we believe that students' well-being is fundamental to their academic and professional success. Only if they are well can they develop their potential and achieve their personal goals, which is why we pay so much attention to the general well-being of our community," says Sofia Cília, Director of the Life at Nova SBE area (which involves the integration, academic guidance and well-being of students), adding "the activities we carry out throughout the year at the school to prevent and adopt a healthy lifestyle and the growing demand from students for our professionals show the relevance of this type of initiative, so this year we decided to open the school's doors to the general public, inviting everyone to come and get to know the Nova SBE Way of Life, which promotes new ways of feeling mental well and working". 

The Well-Being Week takes place on Nova SBE's campus between February 5th and 9th and is open to the entire community. Check the full agenda here.  

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