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At Nova SBE we know the importance of equal opportunities and want to make sure that no student is excluded from higher education due to financial constraints.


For Portuguese and European Union students, the tuition fees for 2022/2023 will be 697 €/year. They are usually paid in two installments until September and December, respectively; or, as an alternative, in ten installments (the first installment needs to be paid until 16 September). An additional 36.5€ fee is required to cover administrative costs and school insurance. This amount should be paid together with the first tuition installment.

Candidates are required to pay an application fee of 70€.

Candidates are required to pay an application fee of 70€.

Candidates are required to pay an application fee for the exam of 60€.
Candidates are required to pay an application fee for the Bachelor’s programs of 70€.

Candidates are required to pay an application fee of 70€.

  • UNL Student – 50€ for the first course and 500€ for each of the following courses
  • Non-UNL Student
    • From the European Union -  500€ per course
    • Outside of the European Union – 950€ per course
Tuition fee 7500€ per year
Application fee 70€
Enrolment fee  750€ (deducted from the 7500€)


Doubts, questions, comments?

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The Admissions Team will be happy to answer all your questions about the experience of studying at Nova School of Business & Economics.

Office hours: Monday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm (Student Central Office)

Mobile support hours: Monday to Friday, from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm
+351 213 822 773


From August 1-5, the Nova SBE Admissions Team will be working remotely.
Candidates, students, and other Nova SBE community members can contact the team via email and, if necessary, online meetings can be arranged. Please reach out through our usual contacts, which you can check here.

Grants and Scholarships

Solidarity with Ukraine
Nova SBE dares to grow boldly by being a school where everyone can learn more, do good, and be better. That’s why it is committed to supporting all Ukrainians in continuing their studies by creating scholarships that can help them obtain the necessary know-how and foster their individual and collective potential.

The Nova SBE Yulia Tymoshenko Scholarship is the school’s meaningful way to celebrate the presence of Yulia Tymoshenko in the 2022 Estoril Conferences and a tribute to female candidates who, through their personal experiences, demonstrates a commitment to being the purpose generation.

Creating scholarships such as the Nova SBE Yulia Tymoshenko Scholarship is Nova SBE’s way of cultivating an open attitude that enhances diversity in all of its dimensions.

Nova SBE offers two scholarships to two female Ukrainian students living in Ukraine who are admitted to one of its Bachelor’s programs (Economics or Management).

Each academic year, two scholarships are made available to deserving female Ukrainian students living in Ukraine who are admitted to one of Nova SBE Bachelor’s programs (Economics or Management). Candidates only need to check the admission criteria and apply.

Scholarship Amount:
The scholarships will cover the full tuition fee regarding the year the candidates are admitted, accommodation in one of NOVA University Lisbon’s student residences, and university meals.

Santander bank joins Nova SBE and awards merit through granting 30 scholarships to the 30 Nova SBE best students placed in the Economics and Management degrees in the academic year 2020/2021.

The 10th edition of the BeNova Scholarship will open its 1st phase of applications (2nd and 3rd year students) from September 6 to 25, 2021.

This program aims to help talented students with financial difficulties continue their studies at Nova SBE. It also provides mentoring by its Alumni founders.

The 2nd phase of applications (1st year students) will open from October 4 to 22, 2021

For more information, please send an email to

The second edition of the Santander Futuro Scholarship Program is now available. This scholarship aims to help Bachelor's students who enrolled in the 2020/2021 academic year and are determined in pursuing or completing their first cycle studies. The goal is to provide these students with financial aid to promote better academic performance.

Applications are open until November 6, 2020. Learn how to apply here.

The NOVAFRICA center has been promoting the NOVAFRICA Merit Scholarships Program since 2012. This scholarship is awarded to outstanding students from sub-Saharan African countries who have been accepted at Nova SBE. It consists of a tuition waiver and an allowance to help with additional costs. Before being considered for this scholarship, students must secure that they are admitted in the Nova SBE degree they choose. It is recommended that prospective candidates apply well in advance of the degree application deadlines, as scholarships will be awarded on a rolling basis.

To apply, students must send an email to NOVAFRICA, with the CV, letter of enrollment in a Nova SBE program and a motivation letter attached.

For further information please see NOVAFRICA website.


Want to take a year off to make a difference in the world and really challenge yourself?

If you have recently graduated from the Bachelor’s degree at Nova SBE, or are finishing your Bachelor’s degree this academic year, you can apply to the Nova SBE Gap Year Scholarship, brought to you by a partnership between Nova SBE and Gap Year Portugal.

You can tailor you own gap year, if it fits your goals and dreams - it's the perfect plan.

The project winner will receive a scholarship (5.000€ for a single application or 6.500€ when traveling in pairs) that financially supports your gap year.

For the winner(s) and applicants that present the 10 best projects, and that have been accepted as a master’s degree student at Nova SBE, it will be possible to delay the beginning of the master’s degree for one year so as to carry out their project.

See the regulation here.

NOVA University Lisbon, through its Social Services, gives need-based scholarships so that no student is excluded from higher education due to financial constraints.

The DGES Merit Scholarships are awarded to students who, in the academic year of 2019/2020, had an exceptional academic performance.

Internal regulation of the DGES Merit Scholarships in 2019/2020.

Nova Junior Consulting, a Nova SBE student club dedicated to providing strategic consulting services, decided to establish a scholarship to help Nova SBE Bachelor’s students.

The NJC Scholarship is aimed at Nova SBE Bachelor’s students and offers a 33 % tuition fee reduction and learning sessions, networking opportunities with the club’s partners, and personalized help with their careers.

All first-year Bachelor’s students are eligible, and applications will be officially open from December 11, 2021, to January 17, 2022.

To learn more about the scholarship, check the regulation (available only in Portuguese). To be one of the main candidates for this unique scholarship, submit your application here.

The Erasmus Santander Scholarships are meant for 2022/23 Bachelor’s and Master’s students, who have been allocated to go abroad within the Erasmus + Programme.

To make sure nothing gets in their way, Santander partnered with several universities, among which is Nova SBE, to provide students with a financial aid of 500 and 1000€ to allow students to go on Erasmus and follow their global aspirations.

Learn all about the criteria, deadlines, and how to apply here.

Know more about scholarships

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Dr. Iva Matos
Tel: 21 371 56 00