Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center studies
Science Outreach | 05 December 2021 Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center studies

The second state of emergency had less impact on people's mobility,” says a study by the Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center in partnership with the telecommunications operator NOS. "If in the first state of emergency and confinement (March 2020), the analysis registered falls of 65 to 80% in Lisbon and 45 to 65% in Cascais, the breaks in the second state of emergency (November 2020) were substantially lower: 30 to 45% in Lisbon, and 15 to 25% in Cascais", refers the analysis. Nova SBE Data Science Knowledge Center also released the study “Impact of Covid-19 on Tourism and Hospitality: Evidence from Airbnb” which indicates that local accommodation had losses of 140 million with the pandemic. Qiwei Han, the researcher who coordinated the work, said that the study not only calculates the losses that come from the difference in occupation between 2019 and 2020, but also considers the "expected growth for the sector, taking into account market trends".

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