Fábio Santos
Fábio Santos
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)

Fábio Santos is an Assistant Professor (Adjunct) at Nova School of Business and Economics. He currently teaches Finance courses in both the Undergraduate and Masters programs. In the past he was also a Teaching Assistant in Finance, Statistics, Applied Problem Solving, Calculus, Accounting, and Macroeconomics.

Besides teaching, he is also the Head of the Technology Enchanded Learning Office and the Teaching Assistants coordinator at Nova SBE.

He has a Master’s degree in Finance from Nova School of Business and Economics and an Undergraduate degree from the same University.

Besides the academic experience, Fábio also run Transportation services and operations at Sonae in the past and was a consultant at Kearney and in Nova SBE projects.

2012 - MSc in Finance, Nova School of Business and Economics

2010 - B.Sc. in Economics, Nova School of Business and Economics

Corporate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Consulting