Judite Gonçalves
Judite Gonçalves
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
Health Economics & Management Knowledge Center

Judite Gonçalves is a researcher with the Health Economics & Management Knowledge Center, with research interests spanning the fields of Health Economics, Labour Economics, and the Economics of Ageing. Currently, she is particularly interested in long-term care, health & labour interactions, and sin taxes. Previously, she held research positions at Queen Mary University of London and the Geneva School of Economics & Management, where she obtained her PhD in Econometrics in 2015. 

2015 - PhD in Econometrics - University of Geneva,Switzerland

2011 - Master in Economics, Major in Economic Policy - University of Neuchâtel,Switzerland

2010 - Bachelor in Economics - Nova School of Business and Economics, Portugal

Health Economics; Labour Economics; Economics of Ageing; Policy Evaluation

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