Berfu Soares
Berfu Soares

Berfu completed her PhD in Urban and Regional Planning at Istanbul Technical University (ITÜ) in 2018, Master in Urban Planning at ITÜ in 2011, Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning at Yildiz Technical University in 2009 and Bachelor in Public Administration at Anadolu University in 2012. Besides, she also has been studying in the Bachelor in Sociology at Istanbul University since 2018. Berfu worked as a Lecturer from 2012 September to 2018 May; and worked as an Assistant Professor between 2018 May - 2019 December at Department of Architecture at Istanbul Arel University. In PhD study period and lecturing period, she attended many scientific meetings, and congress; produced papers for conferences. Besides, she worked voluntarily with disability associations.

2018 topresent (Ongoing)- in Sociology - Istanbul University

2018 – PhDin Urban and Regional Planning Doctorate Programme - Istanbul TechnicalUniversity

2011- Masterin Urban Planning Master Programme - Istanbul Technical University

2012- Bachelorin Public Administration - Anadolu University

2009 –Bachelor in Urban and Regional Planning - Yildiz Technical University

2008 - Bachelorin Architecture and Urbanism - Università degli Studi di Catania (ErasmusMobility)

Her special research areas are accessibility; walkability ; disability; inclusive design; urban design; transportation; urban sociology; mobility; public space and urban economy.