07 Mar '24
Management Seminars | Thursday Sara Bohan, Gallway University | Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Sara Bohan, from Gallway University, will present “What is scaling?”.

Abstract: “As ‘scaling’ has gained significant attention from different stakeholders, multiple definitions have emerged, endangering the legitimacy of the area as a distinct field of inquiry. Using a mathematics perspective, we define scaling in the business context as a time-limited process of exponential growth. We then identify drivers of scaling and show that scaling for competitive advantage requires increasing returns to scale in input-output relationships (superlinear scaling). This is followed by the application of graph theory, supported with findings from a Delphi study, to demonstrate why scaling requires internal transformation. Finally, we discuss our definition's uniqueness, how it can be operationalized, and opportunities for future research.”

Sara Bohan, Gallway University |  Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • From 07 March 2024 10:00 AM
  • To 07 March 2024 11:00 AM
  • Location NovaSBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute
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