Banco Invest Masterclass - Nova Finance Center | 25 October 2018

by Rita Grácio.

2018 Banco Invest Masterclass

Nova School of Business & Economics and Banco Invest

Nova School of Business & Economics and Banco Invest are pleased to invite you to the 2018 Banco Invest Masterclass with Professor Josh Lerner from Harvard Business School taking place on October 25th at 09:30 a.m., at Nova SBE’s Carcavelos Campus - Auditorium E008, Ming C. Hsu Executive Hall.

"Mission Impossible? The Creation of New Entrepreneurial Hubs"

Governments are increasingly seeking to promote entrepreneurial and innovative activity. There are certainly strong reasons for a public sector role here. But the effectiveness of these efforts has often lagged, due both to a failure to “set the table,” or create a conducive environment for entrepreneurs, and to the design of inappropriate programs. This talk will review this important but frequently troublesome territory, highlighting key lessons from recent research and numerous examples of success and failure.