European Forum on Leadership: Paradox & Plurality | 23-24 May 2018

by Cheila Almeida.

Should organizations invest in projects that are economically viable or privilege those that create value to different stakeholders, even if not profitable? In a world of limited resources, should healthcare systems increase patient care or privilege cost effective solutions? Open and closed, digital and human, are contradictory ways of working: which should organizations privilege?

Most leaders struggle to select the best out of these contradictory options, while some change the world by choosing not to select. The “European Forum on Leadership: Paradox & Plurality” intends to address these challenges with an inclusive and interdisciplinary approach to research, focused on co-creating knowledge with business ecosystems and the society at large.

The Conference is organized by top scholars and expert practitioners in the fields of Leadership, Sustainability, Healthcare, and Transformation on Leadership and Work and will bring paradoxical approaches to interdisciplinary and practical discussions on:

- The state of paradoxical research

- Methodological approaches to paradox and plurality

- General and specific paradoxes that permeate current society:

- Profit and Purpose: Paradoxes in Sustainability

- Care and Efficiency: Paradoxes in Healthcare

- Stability and Change: Paradoxes in Leadership and Work

- Paradox 4: General subtheme 


Guest speakers: 

  • Linda Putnam (Department of Communication, UC Santa Barbara)
  • Marianne Lewis (Dean and Professor of Management, Cass Business School)
  • Wendy K. Smith (Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, Alfred Lerner School of Business at University of Delaware)



Casa Paula Rego, Cascais


More information and the program can be found here.