Novafrica Seminars

Sharing knowledge, discussing ideas, exchanging best practices in research, and supporting the development of junior researchers and doctoral students by exposure to state of the art research – these are some of the key features of Nova SBE Research Seminars.

Organized under four different series – Economics, Finance, Management and Novafrica – the seminars bring to our school international researchers working on a variety of themes.

Date   Speaker   Title   Room  
2018-11-14 2:30pm | Ragnar Torvik (NTNU) | A political economy theory of state centralization | Nova SBE Room A219B |
2019-01-31 2:30 pm | Gharad Bryan (LSE) | Land Trade and Development: A Market Design Approach | Nova SBE Room A219B |
2019-06-19 2:30pm | Vittorio Bassi (University of Southern California) | TBA | Nova SBE Room A219B |