Is Vote Buying Effective? (Development and Macroeconomics)

researchHighlights-votesExchanging cash for votes happens frequently in many parts of the world. But what about its consequences? A field experiment in West Africa sheds some light on the subject.
Researcher: Pedro Vicente




Calling Circles and Network Competition (Microeconomics)

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The impact of calling patterns and their implications for network competition and market outcomes.
Researcher: Steffen Hoernig


The Real Effects of Sovereign Credit Rating Downgrades (Finance and Accounting)

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Findings suggest that poor public debt management leads to large adverse effects for the private sector.
Researcher: Miguel Ferreira | Igor Cunha

How to promote employee risk taking? (People and Society)

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How risk taking should be actively pursued by organizations, changing the attitudes of their employees.
Researcher: Pedro Neves