Does it smell like team spirit? (People and Society)

researchHigh footballThe idea of “team spirit” is commonly used and taken to be an ingredient of great teams. But what exactly is this process called “team spirit”?
Researcher: Miguel Pina e Cunha


Earnings Disclosures in European Firms (Finance and Accounting)

researchHigh europeanFirms

Analysts and investors beware - the country is not irrelevant when you’re analyzing non-GAAP results.

Researcher: Ana Marques


The development of the capital market during the XXth century in Portugal (People and Society)


researchHigh bolsaAn important contribution from a group of researchers from Nova who estimated the cost of capital in Portugal.

Researcher: Maria Eugénia Mata


To lend securities or not to lend: that is the question! (Finance and Accounting)

researchHighlights-securitiesLending equities is an important source of income for investment advisors. What influences the decision to lend? How does it affect the performance of funds?

Researcher: Melissa Prado



Organizing deadly utopias (People and Society)


Evil organizations. The normalization of terror. Violence as normal practice. How is it possible to create an organizational infrastructure that leads to genocide? Researcher: Miguel Pina e Cunha