Knowledge in Motion with Pedro Brinca

The fourth video from the series "Knowledge in Motion" is based on the publication “Fiscal multipliers in the 21st century” from the Journal of Monetary Economics, where Prof. Pedro Brinca explains that fiscal multipliers are highly sensitive to the fraction of the population who face binding credit constraints and also to the average wealth level in the economy.

90 seconds of Science with Miguel Pina e Cunha

“There’s nothing more terrifying that to find people in other normal environments participating in genocides. We use to look at this type of processes as the result of a crazy person. This explanation is comforting because we have the idea that the fault is only from one crazy person, but the truth is that no any crazy person does the process by itself, they are followed by ordinary people, some of them with good intentions”, states Miguel Pina e Cunha, Professor at Nova SBE, that has participated in the radio program 90 seconds of Science from the last 17th of February, in Antena 1.

The Nova SBE Research Activities Report has been published

research annual report

The Nova SBE Research  Annual Report provides an overview of the research activities and a record of research outputs, as well as listings of capacity, expertise and publications.