International HRM practices by Indian and European multinational enterprises (Strategy and Markets)

meeting afr

A study compared these practices among subsidiaries in African countries

Researcher: Emanuel Gomes

Trust me (or not) (Strategy and Markets)

trust trapeze

Regret and disappointment in experimental economic games. 

Researcher: Luis F. Martinez


Keeping in Touch (Development and Macroeconomics)

keep in touch

Migrant Remittances and Information Flows: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment

Researcher: Cátia Batista

Business groups may never die peacefully (People and Society)

dynamite s

The recent debacle of the Espírito Santo Group (GES) has raised public awareness of diversified, pyramidal, and family-owned business groups.

Researcher: Álvaro Ferreira da Silva

Is it worth investing in high-quality HRM in the case of temporary workers? (People and Society)


girl thumbs upAn analysis of human resource management, work engagement and organizational commitment among temporary and permanent workers.

Researcher: Filipa Castanheira