Beyond the classic multinational (People and Society)

mne globalization

Foreign investment in periods of globalization in a long-term perspective | Researcher: Álvaro Ferreira da Silva




Welfare Analysis of Regulating Mobile Termination Rates in the UK (Microeconomics)

selfieBenefits for consumers but also for competing firms | Researcher: Steffen Hoernig





When corporate social responsibility (CSR) increases performance (People and Society)

csr green energyExploring the role of intrinsic and extrinsic CSR attribution | Researchers: Joana Story and Pedro Neves





Making good things last longer (People and Society)

fireworksThe role of savoring on the relationship between HRM and positive employee outcomes | Researchers: Filipa Castanheira and Joana Story




Feeling lousy. When calling in sick is not an option (Strategy and Markets)

sick resAssessing the presenteeism climate can help organizations avoid its negative consequences | Researcher: Luis Martinez