The publication of school rankings

pencilsA step toward increased accountability? | Researchers: Luís Catela Nunes, Ana Balcão Reis, Carmo Seabra




When stressors make you work


Facing challenges can help but there's more to this story | Researcher: Pedro Neves 




Economic Value and Governance of Marine and Coastal Ecosystem Services (Microeconomics)

Research Highlight seagull

Addressing two cases in Peniche-Nazaré area – sustainable sardine fishery and the impact of giant waves on local economy | Researcher: Antonieta Cunha-e-Sá

Banking competition in highly regulated markets (People and Society)

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Recent study measured competition in Portuguese commercial banking during the Golden Age | Researcher: Luciano Amaral

How State reform produces vicious circles (People and Society)

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It looks like an excess of change obstructs real change | Researcher: Miguel Pina e Cunha