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by Pedro Miguel Martins.

The Admissions Office has the mission of attracting and guiding talent through the application processes towards joining Nova SBE’s full-time Bachelors and Masters programs in Management, Economics, and Finance.




Courtney Stankey

Nova SBE Persona: The Adventurer

Superhero Persona: The Portuguese Explorer

She started working on January 4th 2018. Though she is a newcomer, for Courtney it has been a fantastic adventure to be able to help all Bachelor and Masters’ students and try to handle all the work properly, even though she is not Portuguese nor speaks the language. If this adventure has been a sweet ride it is mainly due to her team, that she says is amazing, and Nova SBE, which gave her the freedom to show her skills and what she can do, after all “nobody is an island”. What she likes most about the school is everyone, really, and in her free time? She loves to walk around Lisbon and discover each and every corner. She misses all the people she met, but she feels at home here. Her next adventure? To learn Portuguese, in fact, she can’t get by without her classes. In this short time, everyone at Nova SBE knows her as a calm, nice, and smiley person. You haven’t met her yet? Take it as an adventure!


Rita Ramos

Nova SBE Persona: The Dedicated One

Superhero Persona: The Counter-Clock

She started working in the Admissions Office in January 2016. A lot has changed since then, but if there is one thing Rita won’t ever change is to follow-up on all the work and strategy that the office needs to keep running. But, deep down, that’s what she likes most about Nova SBE, the fact that this is an academic institution, that we promote knowledge and how to reach it. And, of course, the fact that her job contributes largely to that. This is why people consider her a sweet and dedicated colleague, who only rests her mind when she helps everyone with everything. Outside school, she doesn’t have a lot of time left, which is why when she does she tries to spend it with everyone around her. Oh, sometimes she also participates in marathons, but she says she will stop going because she always loses her friends on the way. Rita, our advice? Just follow-up!


Joana Holstein

Nova SBE Persona: The Super Positive

Superhero Persona: “The Best” Companion

Joana started working here three months ago, being responsible for all Bachelors and special regimes. She represents the school in events like roadshows, futurália, summer schools, and future leaders. But Joana has been a part of the Nova SBE family for a long time now. Didn’t you know? Joana is an Alumna, she has a Bachelor and a Masters from Nova SBE. So when we ask her what is her favorite thing here she says almost immediately that it’s the staff, because the people are really kind and the environment is “the best”, she claims. The best is also the energy she has outside the school. Joana reads, takes long walks, and lunches or has dinners with her friends, but what she really likes is to exercise. Maybe that’s why everyone describes her as a pretty positive, energetic person, who is always making people smile. Is she a good companion? Not good, she is “the best”.


Student Development Office

by Pedro Miguel Martins.

The Student Development Office plays a fundamental role in the integration and well-being of the students, through activities ranging from peer to peer tutoring and mentoring programs, to personal development workshops, and psychological support. It is also key in giving life to our famous volunteering program Comunidade Nova.


Student Development Office


Edite Oliveira

Nova SBE Persona: Nova SBE’s Confidant

Superhero Persona: The One In Love With Life

She started working at Nova SBE in December 2011 as a psychologist and did so until July 2012. This was until the Dean asked her to coordinate the Student Development Office, which she has been doing since September of the same year. The office’s day-to-day is a permanent challenge, but it is also something gratifying. She says that she is Nova SBE’s confidant, because “she is here for the students, to students and with the students” – that is her motto. One for all and all for one, Edite’s version? What she likes most about the school is the feeling of constant challenge, of the will of going beyond. Outside Nova SBE she loves life, her family, and friends. She has a pretty busy social life, she is never alone or bored because there is nothing better than spending the day with the ones she loves most. That’s what how everyone at Nova SBE knows her, as someone fun, loveable, and fun. One for all and all for Edite?


Catarina Dias

Nova SBE Persona: The Inspirer

Superhero Persona: The Volunteering Master

She started working at the Student Development Office in September 2016 and she is the one responsible for the volunteering program ever since, finding internship opportunities in social institutions for students and to promoting international volunteering. She does everything in her reach to inspire students and the school. The colleagues, the environment, the location, the school and the fact that it is the right place to promote volunteering make Catarina love Nova SBE a little bit more every day. She is known for being introverted, dedicated, and the master of volunteering. Why? Because outside the school, apart from always making an effort to hang out with her friends, Catarina is not only taking a course in Oporto but she is also, you’ve guessed it, volunteering at an ONGD, training volunteers to go to Africa. Something that she already did, naturally. Why call on superheroes when we have Catarina, the Volunteering Master?



by Pedro Miguel Martins.

It´s a small team but they are responsible for managing the CEMS MIM Program at Nova SBE. Founded in 1988, CEMS is dedicated to educating and preparing future generations of global business leaders to enter into the multilingual, multicultural and interconnected business world through the CEMS Masters in International Management.

Nova SBE is the exclusive Portuguese member school within the alliance, which currently totals 30 academic members, over 70 corporate partners and 5 social partners (NGOs).


Milton de Sousa

Nova SBE Persona: The Socially Conscious

Superhero Persona: The Squasher

Milton could also be called an idealist. He is someone that sees his own values being reflected in the CEMS MIM program: social responsibility, responsible leadership and social relevance. Part of the team for the past 2 years, he is responsible for the Academic Direction of the program, which forces him to be continuously devoted to improving it. His team is quick to point out that he is an excellent person, dedicated to providing the best to the students. Unfortunately this doesn’t leave him with too much free time, but the little that he has, he likes to spend it with his family, or playing Squash.

Carolina Sales

Nova SBE Persona: The Perfectionist

Superhero Persona: The Vampire Slayer

Carolina takes the crown of Miss Perfection. She came to Nova SBE 7 years ago and her career started at the Recruitment Department; afterwards she was the Masters’ Program Manager, and finally she has been at CEMS MIM for the past 2 years. Daily, Carolina puts on her operational hat and is responsible for the entire organization of the program. However we saved the best for last. Carolina’s main hobby includes watching shows and later writing reviews online. Impressively she has written over 500 articles! She considers Buffy The Vampire Slayer to be most unique show. However, everyone knows that Buffy has nothing on Carolina’s uniqueness.

Vera Fernandes

Nova SBE Persona: The Baby-Sitter

Superhero Persona: The Photographer

Vera’s spectacular entrance, 3 years ago, landed her straight away at the CEMS MIM department. She kindly considers herself to be the student’s baby-sitter when they need to – and oh, do they need to. But jokes aside, Vera works alongside Carolina in managing the programs in alliance with other 30 schools. Her main hobbies include listening to music and bike riding; but mostly spending time with her daughter, Sofia. Vera is an avid photographer and her muse is none other than Sofia.


by Pedro Miguel Martins.

The Bachelors’ Office is the faculty service that guarantees support to all Bachelors’ students. Every day they are contacted by students in person, by telephone and by email, giving an excellent customer service. Today they are a team of 7 people who not only prevent and solve administrative problems, but also create innovative projects that involve various faculty offices to ensure that we have the best degrees in the country.

Bachelors’ Office

Sandra Peralta

Nova SBE Persona: The Caring

Superhero Persona: The Sea-lover

Sandra says that Nova SBE is her home away from home, and she can’t wait for her home to be by the sea, in Carcavelos. She believes the move will allow Nova SBE to grow and, ultimately, that will be gratifying for both staff and students. A fun person by all who work with her, Sandra cares a lot about her colleagues and is always ready to give a helping hand. Sandra has been at Nova SBE for over half of her life. 26 years enjoyed through the Library first, then Careers, and finally she has been the Coordinator at the Bachelors’ Office since 2015. In her free time, Sandra enjoys going to the movies and loves going to the beach, reading and being with her two sons.

Alexis Marote

Nova SBE Persona: The Self-Made-Intern

Superhero Persona: The Eater

Alexis first started at Nova SBE in the Bachelors’ Office as an intern in 2015, and afterwards he was so well-liked that he was invited to stay permanently. He is in control of certificates and students’ processes, and he also deals with students in person. He works across the entire office. Unfortunately everyone hates Alexis… because he is always eating but still has an amazing figure! Alexis is very excited about moving to the new campus in Carcavelos, and even though he lives in Montijo, and is still a year away from moving, he has already worked out how to get to work. His main hobby is going to the movies; he loves Dramas, Action/Adventure and, more recently, Musicals. But Alexis always leaves time to hang out with his girlfriend, friends and family.

Ana David

Nova SBE Persona: The Helper

Superhero Persona: The Concert-goer

Ana has been at Nova SBE and at the Bachelors’ Office since 2011. She is a point of contact with students and helps them with their documentation. Students add a young and fun vibe to her day, and that’s her favorite aspect of working at this office. Non-surprisingly, her colleagues describe Ana as being sweet, a good friend, and an excellent colleague and professional. When she is not helping students, Ana likes to go for walks, go to the movies and listen to music. She is a frequent goer of concerts, and Aerosmith was the last show she saw, and loved.

Célia Gonçalves

Nova SBE Persona: The Five-Stars

Superhero Persona: The Adventurous

Célia is practically part of the furnisher, as she says, but in her 9 years at Nova SBE she was at the Masters’ Office for a year and later came to the Bachelors’ Office. Célia deals with exceptional and complicated situations, relating to students’ progress, as well as with students with special needs and student-athletes. Her calmness and attentiveness makes her liked by all her colleagues, who describe her as being a five star person, and makes her a great professional and source of help to students. In her free time, Célia likes to combine her three favorite activities in outdoor spaces: reading, going for walks and listening to music. She loves to read in the park in front of her house and her favorite types of books are Adventures and Historical Romances.

Joana Santos

Nova SBE Persona: The Nicest

Superhero Persona: The New-Mum

Joana joined Nova SBE in 2015 and before being at the Bachelors’ Office, she was on the Masters’ Program. Currently she assists general students, as well as exchange students with their queries. Her helpful nature is recognized by her colleagues that describe Joana as being extremely nice to students, and she is very dear to all. Joana recently became the mum to an 11 month-old boy called Sebastião that is already trying to walk. In the little free time she has as a new-mum, Joana enjoys playing sports, listening to music and travelling with her family.

Paula Caria

Nova SBE Persona: The Newbie

Superhero Persona: The Dancer

Paula’s first work anniversary at Nova SBE is only days away. She started straight away at the Bachelors’ Office dealing with students both in person and on the phone. Good thing she loves working with young people and that her colleagues describe her as being both calm and an exceptional person. With the campus moving to Carcavelos, Paula will be further away from home, but she is excited and for her it will be a dream come true. In her free time she is an avid athlete, likes to enjoy nature and her family, and loves to dance.

Rodrigo Rivera

Nova SBE Persona: The Advisor

Superhero Persona: The Master-In-The-Making

Rodrigo joined the Bachelors’ Office in 2016 as the Program Manager, which he believes is a very heterogeneous position. Rodrigo mainly follows up on students that might be struggling with their grades and looks after international students. Additionally, he is responsible for communicating with all students. Commendably, in order to be aware of what’s happening with the students, Rodrigo is part of the students’ Facebook groups. He is a safe point of contact and students rely on Rodrigo to help them with anything from finding their glasses – this is how available he always is for everyone! - to deciding if they should change courses or not. Rodrigo is passionate about Communication, and in his free time is doing a Masters in Political Communication, which he hopes will enable him to work more in this area.

Facilities & Services

by Pedro Miguel Martins.

Facilities & Services aren’t a big team but they have a big purpose: to solve almost all the other team’s problems. Facilities & Services is a support department that, among other responsibilities, promotes the coordination of maintenance, construction, security, catering, supply, stocks and travels.

Facilities & Services

Rogério Marchante

Nova SBE Persona: The Peaceful
Superhero Persona: The Traveller

Rogério has been with the Facilities & Services Office for the past year and already he has gained the reputation of being always calm and a true problem solver. His job consists of managing the building, managing maintenance, and creating spaces for students. He is ready to embrace the challenge of a bigger campus in Carcavelos, one that he gets to set up from the ground up. When he is not working, Rogério travels and takes photos of his two favorite models: His 5 year old daughter Maria, and his 1 month old son Rodrigo.

Alice Martins

Nova SBE Persona: The Travel Agent
Superhero Persona: The Photography Student

Alice joined Nova SBE 2 years ago as part of the Research Office. In December of last year she moved to the Facilities & Services Office, where she has been ever since. Alice is responsible for the travel plan logistics’ of both staff and faculty. Her colleagues describe her as being cool and having a positive vibe, so it’s no surprise that her favorite aspect of working at Nova SBE is the young, student environment. Alice is a student in her own right as well. She studies photography, so of course she loves to take photos, but she also loves to draw. Incredibly she still manages to find the time to do yoga 3 times a week.

Filipe Joaquim

Nova SBE Persona: The Fireman
Superhero Persona: The Relaxed

Filipe’s story is an unusual one. He started off at Nova SBE, 10 years ago, as a Security Guard. 6 years later he was asked to join the Facilities & Services Office where he has been happy ever since. His colleagues describe him as being always available. That might be the reason why he is “always busy putting out fires” – as he says. What he likes most about coming to work is the young and vibrant environment throughout the school, with both students and staff. Filipe is happy to be moving to Carcavelos, but admits he is sad to leave his home of 10 years. In his free time, he enjoys going to the gym, relaxing at home and with friends, and going to the movies.

Frederico Oliveira

Nova SBE Persona: The Handy Man
Superhero Persona: The Sunbather

Speak to Frederico for a minute and he’ll tell you how proud he is that he does most hands-on jobs on campus: he is a carpenter, a plumber, an electrician, a mason… the list goes on! Frederico talks about his colleagues, the same way they talk about him: cool, helpful and attentive. He believes that moving to Carcavelos will make everyone happier, not just because the campus is nicer but also because anyone can just walk up to the beach. It’s not hard to guess that one of his favorite activities is going to the beach, as well as playing football and tennis.

Mr. Jacinto Santos

Nova SBE Persona: The Helper
Superhero Persona: The Football Fan

Jacinto has been at Nova SBE for nearly 3 decades. At his age he admits that he could have retired already, but he is in love with his hectic daily life of going to the post office, to the bank, making payments, shopping for supplies, hand-delivering mail, controlling the internal supply stock, amongst other tasks. Helping out is in his DNA and a constant in his life. Even in his free time, Jacinto loves to help out his wife around the house. But of course he also likes to go for walks and watch football.

Marta Sousa

Nova SBE Persona: The Fixer
Superhero Persona: The Lethal

In 2009 Marta came to the Executive Education Office, where she stayed until 2015 when she became the Facilities & Services Office Manager. Her colleagues describe her as being a humble person that loves to help out other people. What she loves most about working at Nova SBE is the multicultural environment and the fact that students change their life here. Don’t mess with Marta though! She does Krav Maga classes 3 times a week. Krav Maga is a military self-defense system developed for the Israel Defense Forces.

Nelson Teixeira

Nova SBE Persona: The Determined
Superhero Persona: The Family Man

Nelson started his career at Nova SBE in the Facilities & Services Office 2 years ago. His work varies from day to day which enables him to do a bit of everything. And just like the rest of the team, Nelson is also very eager to move to Carcavelos. His colleagues say that he is very hard-working, trustworthy, and determined. In his free time Nelson is a dedicated family man, and whenever he can he likes to play sports.

Communication Office

by Pedro Miguel Martins.

To get this “communication undertaking” underway… let’s start with none other than the Communication Team… the bunch who hatched this communication egg…

This team is a small group that manages the Herculean Effort to spread the word about everything that goes on here at Nova SBE. The team has so much work that it needs to be handled almost exclusively by women – multi-taskers par excellence, as is universally known – otherwise there’s no hope of ever making up for the fact there are simply not enough hours in the day.

Perhaps paradoxically, it is at the same time the biggest team at the school, because one way or another, everybody contributes and, as you know, even multi-tasking at the individual level has its limits!

The non-stop coming and going of people and swinging to and fro of the office door is actually a blessing on hot days – better than an electric fan, in fact, as it keeps the air in circulation along with the visitors. So, is it possible that you have not made your own visit to the office, and stirred things up in there yourself? Maybe you don’t yet know the people in there?

Communication Office

Marta Assunção

A multi-tasker by definition. She’s a newcomer to Communication, but not to the school, where she actually began as… a student. She took up the gauntlet and knows how to convince a dog to meow when needed. Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but stay tuned… She has most everything in abundance: brothers and sisters, cousins, in-laws – but children… just one. So far. She’s young. She lived for some time in Africa and loves snow. You figure that out. You would never guess it to look at her, but she loves to eat.

Patrícia Poças

Another multi-tasker. She likes to pretend that she’s got a cranky personality, but nobody is fooled. She’s at her best out in the turmoil of the school’s hallways – amidst the maelstrom of youth between classes. She wants no part of labels or conventional ways… but is nevertheless a cornerstone of the team. Outside the walls of the school she recharges her batteries in a calmer environment… when she can, considering the seven children in her home. She is indeed a woman of contrasts.

Filipa Garganta

Yet another multi-tasker, naturally. Internet, content, clubs, events… she routinely works individually… but in a highly connected way. She deals with people as if they were long-time friends or kin, and it comes right back to her from them. Wherever there’s a student event, she’s there too… phone-cam in hand… saving the moment, to share. In the little amount of free time she takes, yoga is right up there on her list. Someday, when she puts away a bit of her timid ways, expect to find her, and her camera, right up there “in your face”.

Rita Correia de Oliveira

The newest member of the group, she’s very much into the hustle and bustle and generally high-octane life in the Communication Office. Writing, writing, writing. She writes a lot. And creatively. There’s a lot that needs writing about the school. She misses those not-so-long-ago days of being a student. Cheerful and funny are the adjectives that describe her, both in the office and out. She is one of those “rocks” of good will in a sea of unrest.

Pedro Miguel Martins

Lucky guy. The only man, surrounded by women. But he’s a special guy because as it happens, he too is… a multi-tasker (and as we all know… this is not the long suit of that particular gender). He makes a webpage here, composes an image there, adjusts an html from over there. He’s the artist of the team, but also so much more. There is an aura about Pedro… a “Zen” that brings a steady hand of stability to the office in those more hectic moments – you know, the ones that come everyday. He’s a family man who follows a peaceful path. Another “rock” to cling to in the swirling tempest.