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Nova SBE . 06 January 2017
The Masters Graduation Ceremony 2016 will take place on 28 January at the Lisbon Congress Center.
Nova SBE . 05 January 2017
The Workshop on “Health Care and Long-Term Care Systems and Fiscal Sustainability in connection with the European Semester in Portugal”, co-organized by Representation of the European Commission...
Nova SBE . 03 January 2017
The Lag-User Method jointly developed by Sara Jahanmir and Professor Luis Filipe Lages will be the core of a MIT course to be offered in early January 2017.
Nova SBE . 30 November 2016
Nova SBE in a partnership with Banco Santander launched today the first of a series of videos to promote financial literacy. The first video focuses on explaining what is the government budget defic...