Communications Office

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The Communication Office has the strategic responsibility for overseeing and supporting all print and online communications - internal and external - produced throughout the Nova SBE (including social media), ensuring consistency and quality in line with the Nova SBE advertising and established branding.

We also have responsibility for developing the University's strategic messaging, and working with others to develop that messaging for different audiences. We are also responsible for the communications with the media.

Head of Office
Marta Assunção

Media Relations & Community Manager
Ana Ferreira-Hilário

Events Manager
Patricia Poças

Events Assistant
Rita Correia de Oliveira

Social Media Manager
Filipa Garganta

Copywriter Junior 
Natacha Delgado

Web & Design
Pedro Miguel Martins

Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 6.00pm

Office Location
Ground Floor, Office 128