TropiKMan links natural and environmental sciences with management. The aim of the TropiKMan Programme is to give PhD students in agrobiotechonology, health sciences and agribusiness and governance for development an entrepreneurial attitude, it also provides an opportunity for inventors, innovators and businesses to showcase their inventive and innovative ideas, projects and processes to potential investors, mentors, government officials and the public. TropiKMan aims at bridging knowledge of several disciplines to tackle scientific problems in tropical regions with management perspective and train students with innovative and entrepreneurial attitudes. It is an opportunity for applicants to realize the potential commercial value of their knowledge, invention or innovation and contribute to the export and employment potential of the tropical regions.

Benefits of a Tropical Knowledge and Management

  • Diversify management base
  • Strengthen existing capacity and capability
  • Improve productivity
  • Maximise networking and innovation and
  • Position (Angola, Brazil, Cabo Verde, Mozambique, etc) as world leaders in tropical knowledge and innovation
  • Bring multiple benefits across a range of sectors: health, energy, etc
  • Build knowledge, training and skills facilitation – increasing the available skilled workforce

What a TropiKMan PhD can expected:

  1. Promote the capture and sharing of tropical knowledge across the world,
  2. Support increased economic resilience and diversification
  3. Improve innovation
  4. Drive export of tropical knowledge and products, including natural resource management services, tropical health service delivery for remote areas, agriculture and agribusiness, and governance for development.
  5. Drive tropical knowledge relationships across the regions
  6. Delivery of tangible benefits from commercialization of products, ideas, knowledge and concepts.